Emperor Bay Bridge

” More than just a bridge, more than just a name”
to the Imperial Emperor Norton Bay Bridge Web Site

The Bridge is named in honor of the great visionary and environmentalist Joshua A. Norton,
Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico.

There has been some discussion in the past regarding the name of the bridge.  Why? 
We are not sure.  Emperor Norton never had a discussion regarding his own title or imperial powers. 
We see no reason that there should be any question now regarding the name of the
Emperor Norton Bay Bridge. 

Rumor has it that back in September 2013, some scoundrels in Sacramento, poising as politicians,
passed some lame-brained resolution naming the bridge after someone name “Willie.” 
You have got to be kidding — seriously — The “Willie” Bridge? 
Sorry, that just doesn’t cut it. 

If the Emperor were alive today, He would surely dismantle the above mentioned group of
busy-bodies and remove them from office.

For that reason the bridge is called the Emperor Norton Bay Bridge.  We
have opened our new store to honor the Emperor and his bridge—

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